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DJ, Disc Jockey, DeeJay, Virginia, VA, Wedding, Music, Reception

We will normally invest 12 to 30 hours to your special event even though it may appear that you are only paying for "4 hours". Consultations, music purchasing & editing, preparation, set-up and teardown, transportation, education and other business related endeavors add up to the overall success of your special occasion.

We are not only selling a service; we are selling an integral part of a memory. Whether you decide you want us or someone else to serve you, don't skimp on the DJ/MC. A good DJ/MC can enhance or ruin your important and likely "once in a lifetime" event.

Our price is clearly stated and broken-down in our contract. The guidelines we use when determining the total price follows:

Base Package1 DJ/MC & 1 assistant or 2 DJ/MCs, 2 laptop computers with extensive music libraries, 1 wireless microphone & 1 wired microphone, 1 mixer, 2 full-range speakers, 2 subwoofers, 1 1000 watt amplifier, up to 4 hours playing time, planning consultation(s) including 1 face-2-face meeting and associated travel, personalized music playlist plus thousands of additional music selections, music purchases, set-up & break-down, travel up-to 40 miles each way. It is our experienced opinion that a wedding reception should be at-least 4 hours if not longer.
Click here for a visual description of this option's hardware.
Expanded Audio EquipmentThis includes the Base Package plus an additional amplifier and speakers for larger venues.
Click here for a visual description of this option.
Ceremony 2nd LocationIn addition to the Base Package or Expanded Option we can provide a complete small system at the ceremony site for music and ceremony presider amplification. It must 1st be determined by G&S if this is logistically possible or feasable before we will commit to this option. Price does not include additional time. +$90
Basic lighting packageMultiple lights that wash the dance-floor and surrounding area with ever-changing colors. These really do add to the atmosphere. They let everyone know that the dance floor is now open and that this is where the action is. Venue lighting must be dimmable for this to be effective. Free
Delux lighting packageI can't stress how much these add to the atmosphere regardless of the type of event. The light in this upgrade package, although primarily concentrated on the dance-floor, goes way beyond the dance-floor even in the largest rooms and consists of 3 different fixtures each of which produce varying effects. We typically save these for the later part of the reception or party and don't run them constantly lest they loose their novelty. This upgrade starts with the basic package and adds:
Venue lighting must be dimmable for this to be effective.
Click here for a little more about using lights.
Extended MileageThere is no charge for travel within 40 miles of Manassas, VA and a charge of $1.50/mi over 40 miles. +$1.50/mi.
over 40
Extended DurationThere is a charge for each additional half hour over 4. This will either be agreed-upon and enumerated in the contract or at the event if the client explicitly requests the DJ(s) to continue beyond 4 hours at the event and the DJ(s) agree. +$50/half hr
High Demand DateNew Years Eve, Valentines day, July 4th, Halloween. +$250

1) Birthday Party - Fairfax, VA - 4 hours - 100 guests = Base($890) = $890 total
2) Wedding Reception - Washington DC - 4 hours - 100 guests = Base($890) + Deluxe Lighting($0) = $890 total
3) Wedding Reception - Charlottesville, VA - 4.5 hours - 150 guests = Base($890) + Mileage($65) + Extended Duration($50) = $1005 total
4) Office Christmas Party - Bethesda, MD - 4 hours - 350 guests = Base($890) + Expanded System($120) + Deluxe Lighting($0) = $1010 total
5) Wedding Reception & Ceremony - Manassas, VA - 5 hours - 175 guests = Base($890) + Ceremony 2nd Location($90) + Deluxe Lighting($0) + Extended Duration($100) = $1080 total.
6) Wedding Reception & Ceremony - Centreville, VA - 4.5 hours - 125 guests = Base($890) + Ceremony Same Location($0) + Deluxe Lighting($0) + Extended Duration($50) = $940 total.
7) New Years Eve Party - Arlington, VA - 5 hours - 175 guests = Base($890) + High Demand Date($250) + Deluxe Lighting($0) + Extended Duration($100) = $1240 total.

We also offer discounts for the following:
Repeat bookings, Charity groups, US Military Appreciation events or US Military personnel, Seton High School Alumni.
If you won't stand behind the US Military; try standing in front of them.
'Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.' General Omar Bradley, 1953
Why are you guys less expensive?
We try to follow the KISS method. (Keep It Simple Sam). We do this so we can keep our costs down and in-turn charge you less for our services. You get what you pay for, right? Sort-of. We concentrate on being good DeeJays, Masters of Ceremonies, & Reception Consultants. We are typically not highly interactive unless you want us to be (its your event not ours). We dont try to cover our huge expense on equipment that you didnt ask for. We dont go-after the large High-School gigs where we have to bring $30,000 worth of equipment in a huge moving van. We dont double as photographers or videographers. After meeting with Brides & Grooms or Party Planners we often hear that the reason we were chosen was due the fact that we offered a good service in a professional manner while coming-in under budget.

I can find DJ's cheaper than you guys
Probably, and if price is your only criteria, go for it but I must add "Caveat Emptor" - let the buyer beware. Do they really know what they're doing or is it just a guy with some sound equipment and an IPOD looking to make some extra money? Were they helpful and knowledgeable at your planning meeting? Can they show you a list of satisfied customer's testimonials and a list of venues where they've served? Here's another way to look at it. At the reception, you're cute loveable nephew Dennis runs into the table holding the wedding cake and down it comes. All that money spent! Is your reception completely ruined? NO. Now, let's say Dennis is well behaved all evening but the DJ plays the wrong stuff at the wrong times and messes-up the announcements, is no help keeping things going and does an all-around lousy job. Is your reception ruined? ... "Caveat Emptor"

Membership & Affiliations
DJ, Disc Jockey, DeeJay, Virginia, VA, Wedding, Music, Reception
N.A.M.E. is dedicated to those professional mobile entertainers who strive not only to improve themselves but their industry as well. Members must meet strict qualifications in order to be accepted as a member and must make various commitments to servicing their clientele.
DJ, Disc Jockey, DeeJay, Virginia, VA, Wedding, Music, Reception
We are part of a this large DJ Association with Over 2,400 happy clients Nationwide in 2005!
Proud member of the Time $avers network for Lockheed Martin
Liability Insurance
We have Liability Insurance with Hilb Rogal & Hobbs. HRH works closely with N.A.M.E. and it's membership. They are the seventh largest insurance brokerage firm in the United States, with over 120 offices throughout the nation. They have mobile entertainment specialists on-staff.