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DJ, Disc Jockey, DeeJay, Virginia, VA, Wedding, Music, Reception

DJ, Disc Jockey, DeeJay, Virginia, VA, Wedding, Music, Reception

We are a professional, responsible and economical DJ service catering to Northern Virginia and the surrounding area. Our goal is to help make your event entertaining and memorable. We take pride in our customer service. We work with each client, planning the event to their specifications. Whether it's a Wedding reception, reunion, birthday, corporate party, holiday party, retirement dinner, award night, picnic, banquet, school prom... we're ready to serve you.

Patrick Grenier - Disc Jockey /Master of Ceremony,
Larry Grenier - Disc Jockey/Master of Ceremony,

Michael Grenier, Nancy Grenier - Assistants, plus additional on-call staff.

We are not there to promote ourselves or to show-off our personalities. We perform a support role to act as a catalyst to help your guests entertain themselves and make your event a success. It is YOUR event, not our show. On the other hand, many events, especially wedding receptions, require the DJ to function as a Master of Ceremony to keep things going and ensure that the planned event items happen as-planned. Therefore, we are ready and able to do more than just play music but also make introductions and announcements and work to keep things on schedule. We'll hand the micraphone over to your toasters or you if that's what you want. When necessary we will coordinate with your other vendors to ensure we're all on the same page. If we seem to be heading off-schedule, we'll let you know and offer suggestions on how to proceed so you can decide if you'd like to adjust the schedule or even change the plans altogether on the spot. We'll remain organized yet flexible so you don't have to worry about keeping the festivities on-track.
Notice: 2017 is our last year,
we will not be accepting engagements beyond December 2017.

It is YOUR event so the entertainment should be the way you want it. We tailor our music selections to fit your event and your guests based on our planning interview with you, how you filled-in our event planning forms, and how the event is unfolding. We make every effort to recognize the different moods and special moments that occur during your event and play music to enhance those moments. We call this, "Reading the Crowd". We won't blast-out heavy-metal while your guests are dining and we won't spoil the dancing mood with a boring selection either.

Most events have guests of different age groups and with different music tastes. We pride ourselves on being alert and versatile which allows us to please all attending. Prior to becoming mobile DJs we worked as radio DJs and performing band member for various occasions/events. This background prepared us well for work as mobile DJs.

Virginia's best Wedding Reception DJ & MC service
Virginia DJ Disc Jockey wedding party music Next Step
The next step after reviewing this web-page is for you to contact us. We will then e-mail/call you so you can verify that we can meet your expectations and that we are available for your planned date(s). We will ask you for some major details of your event so we can get back to you with a price as soon as possible and so we can start on our preparation work. We can optionally meet for a free consultation or we will send a planning package to you, usually as an e-mail attachment, with more specific details of what you expect from us which you will fill-in and return to us. Finally, we will write-up a contract for our service. Once you discover our great pricing and excellent customer service, you'll find Grenier and Sons to be one of the best values out there.

To reserve a specific date we require a completed Entertainment Agreement with a deposit.
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Virginia DJ Disc Jockey wedding party music

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